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October 23, 2017

How does BTL TR-Therapy help football players of Pescara Calcio?

BTL physiotherapy sponsors Italian football club Pescara Calcio and provides them the best medical care such as TR-Therapy, High Intensity Laser, Shockwave therapy and HandsFree Sono.

Pescara Calcio 

Delfino Pescara 1936, simply known as Pescara Calcio, is an Italian football club based in Pescara, Abruzzo. The club was formed in 1936. Prof. Vincenzo Salini, the Chief Medical Officer of Pescara Calcio, recommends ″BTL technologies for their high quality proven by results, their design and their innovative and cutting-edge technology.” He continues describing treatments and results: “During the treatments with the BTL technologies, we observed great results especially in common soccer player pathologies like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and muscle injuries. By using synergy of several devices, we achieved great outcomes with remarkable reduction of recovery time, essential for a fast comeback of player into training. Using BTL devices we noticed an improvement in our professional players’ recovery time for both acute and chronic states. Recently, we have used combined treatment of BTL TR-Therapy and BTL High Intensity Laser to reduce edema in the first stage and consequently support muscle healing. In the chronic pathologies, mostly of the tendon such as tendinitis and degenerative disorders, we used a combination of BTL TR-Therapy and BTL Shockwave therapy to trigger revascularization of the tendon and obtain immediate pain relief resulting in fast return to training.″ 

Recently there were two athletes who enjoyed the benefits of the BTL treatments. Look at the video below to learn how the treatment helped these football players. Physiotherapist Francesco Zulli uses TR-Therapy to treat muscle injuries of football players. You can read what he says about TR-Therapy treatments here


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